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10 Best Cancer Websites

Continuing with the theme of cancer, since March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, I am sharing 10 Best Cancer Websites for today’s list.  There is a lot of crazy information on the Internet these days, and when it seems you have lost your hope after a cancer diagnosis, it can be overwhelming and sometimes hard to tell the real from the bogus.  So, check the sources, and make sure what you are reading isn’t too good to be true.  These websites are great places to start for reliable and trustworthy information!

10 Best Cancer Websites | Mini Van Dreams

  1. American Cancer Society
  2. National Cancer Institute
  3. American Society of Clinical Oncology
  4. Centers for Disease Control
  5. The Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute
  6. The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (The James)
  7. The Colon Cancer Alliance
  8. Fight Colorectal Cancer
  9. Prevent Cancer Foundation
  10. Lynch Syndrome Institute

Remember, these websites are not a replacement for your doctor or specialist.  Any information or treatments you find should be discussed with your doctor.


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