10 Complaints| Monday Listicles - Mini Van Dreams

10 Complaints | Monday Listicles

All week, I thought I’d make a list of 10 Complaints for me, but today was a little rough at our house with the kids on Sunday.  So, I thought I would share the Top 10 Complaints I Heard on Sunday  for Monday Listicles… and trust me, there were a heck of a lot more than 10…

10 Complaints| Monday Listicles - Mini Van Dreams

  1. I’m hungry.
  2. I’m cold.
  3. She’s touching me.
  4. He’s touching me.
  5. I want to watch Spongebob.
  6. I want more milk.
  7. She is a meanie.
  8. He is a meanie.
  9. She’s tattling.
  10. He’s tattling.

As you can see, I am looking forward to work today…

What are your top complaints?

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  1. I was without my kids this weekend, but my husband did text me his complaint: The youngest just threw up all over the TV room.

    Hope the kids are a bit more cooperative this afternoon.

  2. OK yeah my kids are older as in my baby is 15 and I still hear all of that from at least one every day.. sighs.. and here I hoped it got better..

  3. I see your house is all about equality 😉

  4. I hear you, on crazy days I can’t wait to get to work, listen to my book on CD and not answer a million questions. I don’t know who complains more in my house, Daddy or DIno!

  5. Don Gibson says:

    whew I’m glad nothing I said made the top ten……you left out Is it my turn with the tablet? and the follow up of she’s not letting me watch the video!

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