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10 Interesting Facts About Presidents

Happy President’s Day!  Hopefully, you are lucky enough to have today off.  If not, I hope your work day is easy and goes smoothly.  I have to work… so, no fun for me.  I thought today, for my List, I would share 10 Interesting Facts About Presidents.  Ready?  Let’s go…

10 Interesting Facts About Presidents | Mini Van Dreams

  1. Abraham Lincoln was a licensed bartender.
  2. Grover Cleveland held a job as a hangman before becoming President.
  3. Martin Van Buren was the first president to be a U.S. Citizen… the prior Presidents were all British subjects.
  4. Jimmy Carter is the first President that has gone on record to say he saw a UFO.
  5. Every member in Teddy Roosevelt’s family owned a pair of stilts.  Including his wife.
  6. George Herbert Walker Bush is the only President that has had four names.
  7. Gerald Ford worked as a model and as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park during college.
  8. Warren Harding once lost an entire set of priceless White House china in a poker game.
  9. George Washington had to borrow $600 from a neighbor to travel to his inauguration.
  10. Calvin Coolidge was known for pressing all the buttons on the President’s desk and then hiding behind the door.  When his staff would come running, he would jump out and claim it was to see if anyone was working.

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Note:  All these facts were taken from Random History’s 99 Interesting Facts About Presidents.


  1. It is amazing to think about how differently the presidents’ lives are scrutinized now than they were before the internet. Can you imagine a modern day president losing the White House china in a poker game and not being impeached?!?!

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