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10 Signs of Spring

It is spring in our neck of the woods… (knock on wood).  Hopefully, we are done with the ice and snow.  But, it IS Ohio, so its hard to say.  On the way to work this morning I thought, “Its beginning to look like spring.”  So, for today’s list I thought I’d share 10 Signs of Spring.

10 Signs of Spring | Mini Van Dreams

  1. Snow has turned to rain.  Lots of rain.  Buckets of rain.  Good thing I had to buy a new sump pump.
  2. Orange barrels are “blooming” everywhere on my way to work.
  3. The forsythia bushes are blooming.  Well, except for mine.  Kashtin used it as a fire hydrant one too many times.
  4. I get that drag racing and dirt racing itch.  These days, I am not sure which is itchier.
  5. Birds dive-bomb our heads when we walk out the front door.  You know, because we might Spiderman up the bricks and disturb their nests in the eaves of our house.  (Hey, Don… sounds like a good to-do for you…)
  6. Dandelions are blooming in our front yard.
  7. Speaking of front yard, the grass looks like it belongs in a rain forest.  Lush and dark green and really high.  We mowed it an hour ago.
  8. The Dairy Queen is open again.
  9. The birds chirp outside my bedroom window at all hours… or at least the ones when I am trying to sleep in and not get up at 5 am like normal.
  10. I am on the hunt for the “perfect” shade of toenail polish.

What signs of spring do you look forward to?

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  1. Can we skip right to summer, I prefer my grass brown and dead instead of lush and green. Maybe this is the year I fix #5…………..

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