10 Things Halloween | Monday Listicles via Mini Van Dreams #mondaylisticles

10 Things Halloween | Monday Listicles

While you are reading today’s Monday Listicles, I will be at my first day on my new job!  I am super nervous.  I am transferring to a different business unit but within the same company, but still… I don’t know anyone!  Send positive vibes my way please!  Now, on to Monday Listicles.  This week’s topic is 10 Things Halloween!  I love Halloween, so this one is going to be a treat…

10 Things Halloween | Monday Listicles via Mini Van Dreams #mondaylisticles


  1. Costumes
  2. Candy
  3. Trick or Treaters
  4. Pumpkins
  5. Scary decorations
  6. Haunted houses
  7. Taco Bell (this is Don and I’s tradition after trick or treating)
  8. Apples
  9. Yummy goodies – pumpkin bread, popcorn balls, pumpkin spice cookies)
  10. Candy corn

What is your favorite part of Halloween?

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  1. I am powerless over candy corn. Actually I like almost any candy made from pure sugar with no redeemable benefits. Hope your first day went well!

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