10 Things Spring | Monday Listicles via Mini Van Dreams

10 Things Spring | Monday Listicles

Happy Monday everyone!  I am trying to positive, can you tell?  I have decided to cold-turkey diet soda and I am DYING.  Okay, not dying… but I am jonesing for a Diet Pepsi.  UGH.  I spent last week participating in the Mom Conference online and learned a few things.  I will share later, I am sure.  But, for now… its Monday Listicles time!  

This week’s topic is 10 Things Spring.  Next week’s is 10 Ways to Wind Someone up!  So, without further adieu… I give you…

10 Things Spring | Monday Listicles via Mini Van Dreams

10 Things Spring

  1. Forsythia bushes in bloom – this was always the sign that Spring was here.  Mine has buds on it right now, can’t wait to see it bloom.
  2. Lilacs – I love the smell of lilacs in the air.
  3. Open windows – I love when it’s still a little cool outside and the windows are open and the breezes blow through the house.  
  4. Daffodils – I have always loved daffodils, but even more so since they are the March flower and the twins were born in March.
  5. Picnics – We had our first picnic on the back porch this weekend.  Nothing like sitting outside and eating a sandwich with the family.  Bugs and all.
  6. Painted toes – I am one of those girls who don’t paint their toes in the winter.  So, the first hint of spring, I am getting out the polish.  They are silver this week.
  7. Planting – I will be the first to admit I am not the best gardener, but I do love getting my hands in the dirt and planting and dreaming of what I can grow.  Hopefully, this year the squirrels will stay out of my corn long enough to harvest it.
  8. Easter – I have said it before, for some crazy reason, Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  
  9. Dandelions – I love getting dandelion bouquets from the kids.  Makes my heart smile.
  10. Mother’s Day – We tried for so long to have kids, and were finally blessed with two at the same time.  So, Mother’s Day is pretty special to me.

What makes YOU think of Spring?

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  1. Great list. My parents have a big magnolia tree in their backyard, so seeing a magnolia in bloom always makes me feel like spring.

  2. Those are so beautiful when they bloom! Dogwoods also.

  3. Hi. I’ve come here from Monday Listicles, and enjoyed reading your list.

    I feel t the ‘real’ spring has come when cherry trees are in blossom. They are at their best where I live. I can see beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere in our city.

    Happy spring!

  4. I’ve been loving all the daffodils in bloom over the last week or so. It’s making me wish I’d planted a few bulbs last fall. Great choices for this week’s Listicles!

  5. Cherry trees are beautiful when they bloom. Enjoy!

  6. Me too! There is this house close to us that practically their whole yard is daffodils. I love it.

  7. You make me all excited about spring. Happy Easter Julia.

  8. ok I am no different than anyone else I like spring but Tuesday when I opened my front door and there was snow all over my car I wanted to cuss!!!!
    Great list Julia

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