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365 Days of Happiness Review

How many times do you wake up happy, with a positive attitude for the day?  How often are you truly happy?  How many times do you choose to make your life happy?  Are you truly living your life as your authentic self?  Jacqueline Pirtle has written an amazingly inspirational book that can help you do just that!

Jacqueline’s book, “365 Days of Happiness: Because Happiness is a Piece of Cake!” provides the reader with daily inspirations that help you work toward daily happiness, while having fun and enjoying life.  The daily passages are written to show you how to find happiness any time and anywhere, no matter what is going on in your life.

365 Days of Happiness Review | Mini Van Dreams

I am going to be honest, I put off reading this book because I thought “I don’t need another self-help book to make me happy.”  But, when I finally started reading it, I just kept reading.  The passages are fun, whimsical, and even silly at times.  I mean, heck… she had me talking to house plants!  Some are a bit uncomfortable – but I did them.  And, you know what?  My life became happier.  I began looking at the world in a different way – looking for the good and happiness and magic in the universe.  Making my own happiness.

Slowing down means you create and experience unplanned magic.

This isn’t your typical self help or daily affirmations book – it is a fun and interesting hybrid of the two.  Each day has a small passage that describes happiness – an object lesson, of sorts.  These sweet readings remind you to be mindful of your life and look for the happiness in even the smallest things, while fostering acceptance, appreciation, thankfulness and love for all things.

I highly recommend you get this book.  Do the daily readings.  Use the ideas in your real life.  In a short time, you begin to realize everything and everyone is in your life for a reason – good and bad.  Once you understand this, and begin to experience your “high for life,’ you realize that happiness is everywhere.  You deserve it.  You just have to consciously make the choice to be happy.  Jacqueline’s book can help you do just that.

Make sure your thought-seeds are of a healthy, happy, and abundant nature, because they make your life and create your future.

365 Days of Happiness is available on Amazon.  


About the Author:

Jacqueline Pirtle spent every day of 2017 devoted to her own happiness. She wrote every single day about the things she did to honor her joy and used those writings to create this 365 day step-by-step guide.

Jacqueline’s passion for happiness shines through in all of her work as an accomplished energy healer, mindfulness-happiness coach, and author of 365 Days of Happiness. She has helped hundreds of clients shift into a “high for life” frequency where they can reach happiness anywhere at any time.

Jacqueline’s professional background is in health, wellness, holistic medicine, energy healing, law of attraction, and happiness. She holds international wellness degrees and is internationally certified as a Reiki Master.

Jacqueline Pirtle a.k.a FreakyHealer has been leading life-changing workshops, talks, and private sessions since 2006. Her passion for “sprinkling happiness” and being “high for life” shines through in all of her work as an energy healer, mindfulness and happiness coach, and author of 365 Days of Happiness. She was born in Switzerland and now makes her home in the United States.

To learn more, go to http://www.freakyhealer.com/


I received a free copy of 365 Days of Happiness in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions.  All information and pictures used with permission. No affiliate links are present.  Please see my disclosure for more information.

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