4th Birthday Recap

The twins’ 4th birthday was Monday.  We had our family party on Saturday.  The kids and everyone that came had a fun time.  I think I am STILL winded from blowing up 24 balloons… and it was almost a week ago.  I can’t believe my itty bitty babies are 4… I JUST brought them home from the hospital.  Time flies.  Next thing I know, they will be 16 and asking for the car keys.  Here’s some pictures… enjoy.


Bo, always being a ham for the camera.


Mo tearing into her presents.  Uncle B bought her Pop the Pig… she was super-excited.


What a twin mom looks like after 4 years… exhausted.


The theme this year was Barbie and the Pink Shoes and Mario.  I made the cake and cake decorations…

Come back next Saturday to learn how to make the cake toppers… out of scrapbook paper!

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  1. it was a great party the best was when all the kids were waiting on the cake and ice cream and they were beating their hands on the table and Danna yelled freeze and they would stop midstream…..little things delight 4 and 5 yrs olds.

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