4th of July 2015

I have mentioned before on the blog that 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  It always has been, but more so since we moved to the little town we live in.  The fireworks are literally in my front yard.  (See the picture if you don’t believe me!)  When we first moved in seven years ago, we started having our “bash” for 4th of July.  Every year, it has become bigger and better.  This year was kinda toned down because I was still recovering from VBS… but, we will had an amazing time!


Miss Mo asked me to buy her this car.  I laughed and said, “I’ll take your picture by it.  Don’t scratch it.”


This is what three chocolate chip cookies and swimming all-day looks like.  Bo, not Nana.  Nana just likes to photobomb.  Of course, she might have eaten three cookies too.  Who knows.



Nothing like a visit to the Dollar Tree for some glow necklaces and wands!


Let me put this in perspective.  See the fireworks?  See that car?  That’s not my driveway but the driveway next door.   You see what I mean?  The best part is… I get to walk right into the house while the rest of the world fights traffic to get home.


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