4th of July Fun Kids Activities

4th of July Fun Kid’s Activities – Guest Post by Shelley Wiley.

The 4th of July is a proud day for all Americans. We celebrate our independence and the new traditions that we created to distinguish ourselves from other countries around the world. It is a day to enjoy grilling outside, listening to classic rock and hanging out with the friends and family that we hold dearest to our hearts. Children, too, can pitch in on the 4th of July fun with some of the following patriotic activities.

Patriotic Uniform

First off, kids can select their own red, white and blue combination outfit to wear for the big day. If you don’t have many choices at home, you can utilize Kohl’s coupons or any other department store to get some patriotic shirts, pants or dresses for your child to wear.

Proud Decorations

Give the little folks decoration duties. They’ll love being in charge of the artistic side of the party. Kids love balloons, so why not give them a pack of red, white and blue ones to blow up and arrange around the house/yard? They can make pinwheels and Uncle Sam’s hats for everyone at the celebration with a stack of colorful construction paper, scissors and glue. Whatever materials you have in your home, give them to the kids with the challenge of creating the best-decorated 4th of July party on the block. They’re sure to come up with something!

Stars and Stripes Dessert

Get the kids in on the 4th of July feast preparations by encouraging them to help with the dessert. There are tons of tasty treats that incorporate the red, white and blue theme, so children can have fun baking and decorating the sweet end to the day. With blueberries, strawberries and vanilla frosting you can create any number of patriotic tarts, cupcakes, trifles and more!

Friendly Games

Once the party has begun, give your kids toys and game ideas for some outdoor fun. Water guns make for an amazing chase, as well as a suspenseful water balloon fight. Hopscotch is great for the little ones, and flag football is loads of fun for the big kids. There are so many options for 4th of July entertainment. Perhaps a little Independence Day trivia would bring out the patriotism in, not only the kids, but us grown ups too!

It is important for our children to understand the importance of this holiday in terms of our history and as a time to cherish with the people we love. We can do that by making every 4th of July a memorable one.


Shelley Wiley is a blogger and loves to coordinate events. She gets the most pleasure out of organizing fabulous parties on a budget. Her goal is to spread her ideas and provide others with the tools to enjoy life to the fullest! 


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