All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas is this week’s Monday Listicle topic… I couldn’t decide whether to be silly or serious on this one, so I combined a little of both… hopefully the Hubs is paying attention and gets a few gift ideas…  If you have never joined in on the Listicles fun, we’d love to have you!  Make your list and check it twice… and read on.  Next week’s topic:  10 Christmas Memories.

All I Want for Christmas

  1. Kitchenaid Mixer
  2. Gift card to Hobby Lobby
  3. New silverware – enough for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner… so every one has matching pieces.
  4. A cure for cancer.
  5. Health and happiness for my children.
  6. A 10 second race car.
  7. A bonsai tree.  (I’ve been asking for one since the Hubs and I were dating… maybe this year.)
  8. My dining room ceiling and hallway painting finished.
  9. Beads and jewelry findings to make some pretties.
  10. A day to myself to scrapbook.


I’m not asking for much… a couple don’t even cost money!  What do YOU want for Christmas?


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  1. Don Gibson says:

    Oh no worries I’m paying attention except all I can find are 9 second race cars, the 10 second ones are all gone must be the hot item this year. I have started to buy you a bonzai tree before but they haven’t looked to good.

  2. Don Gibson says:

    I’m buying that mixer for me lol

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