Amish Country 2

Okay… so here we are at the Rolling Ridge Ranch.  This is THE best part of Amish Country.  Definitely check into it if you go.  You can visit their website here or check out my review from last year’s visit here.

I have to tell you a little bit of the background story, so you appreciate the camel pictures in their entirety.  We were the first group through the ranch gates.  You ride in a horse-drawn wagon and are able to feed the animals during the ride.  One of the first animals we encountered was the camel in the picture below.

Nana fed the camel.  The camel fell in love with Nana.  The camel followed us almost the entire two mile trip in the wagon.  Every time we stopped, he was right there at Nana’shoulder looking for food, sniffing her hair, or trying to kiss her.

Nana’s new boyfriend.  
Miss Morgan.

Mr. Troy.

Nana and Troy.
Troy showing his empty feed bucket.

Morgan throwing food over the side.

The boyfrend.
The boyfriend trying to kiss Nana.

Fallow deer and another animal eating feed off the wagon floor.

Elk.  We got to here this big guy do his mating call.

Bubba, the Brahma Bull

Morgan and Nana laughing
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