Amy and Sonic

My kids have recently begun playing Sonic the Hedgehog.  There are several characters in the newest version, but two of these are Amy and Sonic.  Why do I know these names, you ask?  Because they are the names of the twins’ new imaginary friends.  Amy and Sonic go everywhere with us.  Sometimes, they even have to open the car for them and then I have to strap them into the car seat belt.  Amy and Sonic come over to play during the day, and sometimes the twins ask if they can spend the night.

When Amy and Sonic spend the night, I have to carry them to bed.  I have to tuck them in.  I have to kiss them goodnight.  I have to tell them I love them.  (Amy and Sonic, not my kids.)

When Amy and Sonic go with us somewhere, I have to strap them in. I have to ask them what they want to eat.  I have to ask them if they are having fun.

It’s just easier that way.

I know one day, the kids will grow out of this stage and Amy and Sonic will just be two characters on a video game.  But, right now, I feel like I have four kids sometimes.  Five, if you count the Hubs.

So, for now… Amy and Sonic are a part of our lives.  They go where we go.  They do what we do.

I just wish I could quit talking to them when the kids aren’t around.  One of these days, they might answer…

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  1. OMG I haven’t thought about having TWO imaginary friends on top of the twins!! You’re always brining something new to the table. That is just too much!! I hope my boys don’t start this up…and I hope Amy and Sonic never answer you:-)

  2. This weekend… we were joined by Shadow… the imaginary friend count is up to three… the Hubs and I are outnumbered.

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