An Anniversary Story

This past Sunday was the Hubs and I’s 12th anniversary.  We usually don’t do much, just go out to dinner.  This year, we decided to head to the “big city” and do some shopping and spend the night.

This “big city” usually has several large events going on the weekend of our anniversary.  We should have known.

Gymnastics competition.  Check.

State wrestling finals.  Check.

Arnold Classic.  Check.  (25 year anniversary, I might add.)

Needless to say, the area was SUPER busy.

We headed to BD Mongolian Grill for lunch, but the line was out the door… full of wrestlers.  LOL.  We ended up at Firehouse Subs… we had never eaten there before.  LOVED IT.  Then, we hit Toys R Us to shop for swing sets.

I know, we are a jet-setting couple, huh?  You know you are jealous of the life we lead.

We hit Trader Joe’s also.

We then headed to the hotel to check in.  While sitting there watching TV, we decided to go over to the mall to walk around.

I decided to get my nails done.  The Hubs did some shopping.

We came back to the room and tried to figure out where we were going for dinner.  We decided on Macaroni Grill.

The school bus that had “Gymnastics” on the windows, should have been a warning.

There was a 45 minute wait.

We ended up going to this Mexican place near our hotel.  Super nice inside.  Beautiful decorations.  Delicious salsa.

An hour goes by.  No food.

We didn’t mind… we didn’t have anything else to do.  (Okay, you KNOW what I meant!)

We finally get our food and ate.  It was super delicious.

As we were walking out, we overheard the bartender tell another customer that the chef has walked out during the dinner rush.  Nice.

Well, I don’t know who was cooking.  Possibly, the bus boy… but it was awesome!

We went back to the hotel.  I can’t tell you what we did… lol.  This is a family friendly blog.  We played Scrabble.  Yeah, that’s it.  Scrabble.

So… wait… the story isn’t over.

Middle of the night, I sit up in bed… go running to the bathroom sick to my stomach.  I don’t know what it was.

I finally was able to get back to sleep and then woke up in the morning and was fine.  Go figure.

We checked out, headed to BD’s for lunch and then ran into Joann’s.  We also ran into this garden center that I have been dying to go into.

On the way home, we started talking about things we had done when we were dating and started remembering about the time we went to see George Carlin.  We ended up pulling out some CDs I had of his and started listening to them.

And we laughed all the way home.
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  1. This is awesome!! So glad despite all the “hurdles” you and your husband enjoyed your time in the big city!! Thanks for sharing! ~Sharon

  2. Isn’t it funny how dates change when you are married with kids? The last “date” Curtis and I went on we ended up at Lowe’s. I let him buy me flowers with his debit card. Still counts, right? LOL!

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