My son thinks his mama is beautiful.
When they were just little bitty babies, we would refer to them as beautiful and handsome.  Now that they have gotten older, we occasionally get the “Am I beautiful, mommy?”  Which we reply, “Yes, very beautiful.” 
Of course, when Troy asks this question, and we say yes his response is, “I’m not handsome, I’m Bo.”  (Bo is his nickname.)
Nowadays, everything is beautiful and/or handsome.  Cars are beautiful.  Babies are beautiful.  Flowers are beautiful.  Mario is handsome (what can I say?).  So… I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that Bo thinks I am beautiful.
The other day, I walked into the house laden down with my purse, lunch bag, and messenger bag.  I kicked off my shoes as soon as I hit the door.  I was home after a crappy day… now it was time for mommy-mode—baths, dinner, bed time…
Troy comes running in from the kitchen and yells “Mommy!” He comes at me full bore for a hug.
He backs up and says, “Mommy, you are wearing a dress?”
I replied, “Yes.”
Right before he took off again, he said, “Mommy, you are so beautiful.”
I’ve never considered myself beautiful or even pretty—cute, maybe.  So, if my son thinks I am beautiful… so be it.
After a long, crappy day… when a three year old says you are beautiful…
It makes me thankful that I am a mom. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    whenever he looks at my phone at the pixs he always says my mommy is beautiful cause you are beautiful and dont ever think you are just “cute”

  2. Oh, that makes my heart smile! It’s amazing how powerful the words of a child are! Thank you so much for sharing on NOBH! You just made my day.
    Love and God Bless,

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