Black Friday– Ain’t No Way

Just so you know… all you people who are reading this post on your Smartphone while standing in Black Friday lines… I am at home, curled up in my bed, spending the day with family… and NOT running around with all the crazies out there.

Been there.  Done that.

I have always had to work the day after Thanksgiving.  While working at the car dealership, it was actually a fun day to work.  We were rarely busy and it was a day to get things cleaned and geared up for year end.  The only downfall about working on Black Friday was we were right down the road from a major mall.  So, most of the time the dealership would order us pizza so we didn’t have to go out in the mess of traffic.

My second job, I didn’t have the seniority to take off.  Yeah, that’s it.  That is a story not worth telling.  Needless to say, I always had to work the day after Thanksgiving there also.  One year, I managed to finagle my way to getting the day after off.  The hubs, his uncle and I decided we were going to run to Best Buy to purchase whatever new video game came out that month.

For them, not me.

We had to park 10 miles away and walk through a foot of snow barefoot to get inside.  Okay, maybe not, but you know what I mean.  We were actually parked in the parking lot of the Lowes in the same shopping center… and had to walk in.  We get inside… and I kid you not… it looked like the entire world was at Best Buy.  The line snaked up and down the CD aisles, back around through the aisles by the TVs… it was unreal.

We walked in and walked right back out.

I swore I would never again leave my house on Black Friday.

Nana goes almost every year.  (We never said she was sane.)  She has been in line when people have pushed and shoved and argued and stormed the doors.  All to save a few bucks.  She’s nuts.  But, I digress…

So… to all you standing in line, I salute you.  Good luck.

I am at home in my warm house, with my jammies on, watching cartoons with my kids.

I’m not out fighting the crowds to save a couple of bucks.

Of course, my shopping has been done for 2 weeks…

Just sayin’.



Before I forget, after you brave the crowds on Black Friday, and hit the online sales on Cyber Monday… make sure you remember Giving Tuesday.




  1. Walmart was a hoot! people sitting in the stores in lawnchairs staking out their territories. But we received a map of where items were to be placed and they were roped off with yellow caution tape. Regular isleways were closed off. It was great !!!! LOL until I got to the cashregister and a cooperate man was cashing because He said everyone was needed on the floor but I hear they anticipated a walkout….Kick off to the Christmas shopping days I love it!!!

  2. Yes, I am at home to.. well I went to the grocery store (and it was EMPTY) and to the local movie theater at night, other than that I was safe and warm at home. Who needs all that stress and crazieness? Besides people are safer without me getting irritated about them bumping into me 🙂

  3. just wait next year Connie and I have agreed we are going to put a blindfold on you and tie you up and drag you to shopping on Black Friday !!!!

  4. I’m with a sister!! We stayed in our PJs and played Wii. Then went to see a movie. Way better than saving a few dollars in those crowds and lines.


  5. People were so crazy at the Wal-Mart in my hometown that they had to shut the store down. At 10:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Not only were people fighting over items, they were stealing things left and right. Without a single thank you. Classy place, my hometown.

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