jeff hess bowling in heaven

Bowling in Heaven

Did you know there is bowling in Heaven?  Many of you know, my brother Jeff died in 2000 in a single-car crash.  However, many of you probably didn’t know he was an avid bowler.  My greatest regret is that when he would call and want to go bowling, I always had an excuse on why I couldn’t go.  The twins know all about Uncle Jeff– there are pictures of him around the house and they talk about him like he is still here.

As most kids, the twins are afraid of thunder and lightning.  When I was growing up, I was always told the noise was God moving his furniture around.  The twins know the sound as Uncle Jeff bowling in Heaven.  Occasionally, when it is storming badly, I will yell out “Strike!” or “Spare!” like he really is bowling.  It makes the kids laugh and they are less scared.

I always thought Jeff dying defined me– who and what I am.  But, I didn’t realize until the other night how much his death defines my kids.

It was storming and the kids were in my bed to sleep.  There was rumbles and Bo told Mo, “Don’t be afraid sissy, it’s just Uncle Jeff bowling in Heaven.”  Pretty soon, there were more rumbles, and Mo said, “It’s his turn again.”

I chuckled to myself.

Then, Bo says, “I am going to go up to Heaven and pick Uncle Jeff up and take him bowling, then we are going to come back to the house and play video games.”

I started crying.  I so wish he could.  I wish I could just drive right up there and bring him home for dinner.

Obviously, I know what thunder is and of course, one day the twins will too.  I hope they remember that I told them that and that they always remember their Uncle Jeff, all the stories about him, and how he would have loved them to pieces.

But, then again, maybe Jeff is bowling in Heaven.  Maybe that is what all the noise is.

I hope he can still pick ’em up.

jeff hess bowling in heaven

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  1. sobbing right now babe…that is so beautiful…I hope your kids will ALWAYS choose to believe that Uncle Jeff is bowling.

  2. That’s a beautiful story and what a great way to incorporate his memory into something so comforting and positive for your kids! My mom died when I was 17 so I try explaining “grandma Heaven” to the boys but it’s difficult. I’ll be thinking of you today…even though I know this post is a few days old – I’m sure you think of Jeff everyday (multiple times!) as I do my mom. Thanks for sharing.

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