Scrapbook Kit

Build a Crop Scrapbook Kit

If you are like most scrapbookers, you go to a crop and drag with you ever single piece of paper, tool, embellishment, and even the kitchen sink with you. Am I right? I used to do this same thing when I would go scrapbooking at someone’s house or to a crop. Then, I got smart.  And, I am going to let you in on the secret… you CAN go to a crop with just this kit we are going to make and your tools and accessories.  You don’t even need to carry your scrapbook albums! Plus, the bonus is when its 2 a.m. and you are trying to load up after a long evening of cropping, you will be done in a flash because you have less to load!


  • 10-20 sheets of scrapbook paper, the size of your particular album– these are not your printed or actual scrapbook paper (note:  the page inserts you get in a new album are PERFECT for this!)
  • Archival-safe marker or pen
  • Your pictures, embellishments, and paper (including mats) for the particular album you are working on
  • A archival-safe box, scrapbook accordion file, or plastic inserts in the size of your album
  • Sticky notes


A few days before a scrapbook crop, I take an inventory of what I have and if there are any papers or embellishments I need (okay, want) to purchase. I then gather my base sheets, pictures, embellishments, scrapbook paper, and sticky notes and begin to assemble my kit.



  1. Label each page insert with a number or letter.  These are the order your pages are going to go into your album.
  2. Beginning with the first page of your album, determine what pictures, embellishments, and scrapbook paper you will use for that page.  Lay it on top of the white base sheet.  See picture below for reference.
  3. If you have an idea of what layout you will use or journaling, jot it down on a sticky note and attach it to the base page (not your actual scrapbook materials!)
  4. Continue doing this for the entire album.
  5. Place all these items, layered together, in a archival-safe scrapbook box, accordion file or plastic inserts.  The most important thing is to be careful if you have thicker embellishments, you do not want to indent other items with them.
  6. Now, go to your crop with your kit– everything you need will already be gathered together and ready to go!


This is so much easier than dragging every sheet of paper I own, plus everything else to a crop.  I have even been known to pre-cut my picture mats so they are ready as well.    If you like to take scrapbooking projects with you when you travel, this is an excellent way to have everything with you, without packing your entire craft room!  The cool part is, once you complete the particular album, you just reuse your base sheets and are ready for the next project!


Scrapbook Kit

Scrapbook Kit

Have fun!  Get to croppin’!





  1. well, this sure would relieve all the carrying in and out of the building and the tired arms and feet! okay it would be worth a try

  2. great idea! P.S. I’ve sent you an email re: the gift card I won! I’m so excited! I thought I’d take a look around your blog while I was thinking about it!

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