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Camp Rockmont

In Asheville, North Carolina, Camp Rockmont has been in operation for 57 years.   Rockmont is a nondenominational Christian summer camp for boys founded in 1956 after a robust history, including being used as a family retreat and by the Black Mountain College.  Today, Camp Rockmont a summer camp for boys, a co-ed day camp, and a father-son weekend retreat.  The purpose of Camp Rockmont is to give each camper fun and adventure through safe and appropriate challenges, to give them a better understanding and respect of themselves and others, an appreciation of the environment, self-reliance, stronger Christian values, and a greater understanding of Jesus Christ.

We partner with parents to invite young men to answer a universal call to adventure and discover things about themselves that require the kind of experience that only a quality summer camp can provide.

Some of the activities campers enjoy include instructional ones, such as archery, guitar, fly fishing, photography, and many others.  Group activities include zip lining, games, camp outs, and more!  Check out this list for details!

Camp Rockmont via Mini Van Dreams

Camp Rockmont has been accredited by the American Camp Association since 1961.  This designation ensures the camp complies with safety standards in all aspects of the camp, including the site, health, safety, food service, staff, and programs.  The staff is required to uphold a very high sense of integrity, with rules in place to keep campers safe at all times.  The camp boasts of a 24 hour nurses station that is staffed by four resident RNs, is within two miles of a private medical center, and within 15 miles of  Asheville’s medical facilities.

Why Choose Rockmont?

And, while Camp Rockmont is a boys camp, check out their sister camp, Camp Hollymont for girls!

For more information, please visit their website or check them out on Facebook and Twitter!


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