Camping In

When I was growing up, every Friday night was movie and pizza night.  When dinner was over, Jeff and I would bring our blankets and pillows downstairs and sprawl out on the floor to watch whatever movies we had gotten at the video store.  We would watch movies until we fell asleep on the floor– and would stay there all night “camping in.”

Yesterday afternoon, I decided this would be fun to start with the twins.  They talk about camping and always want to sleep in the living room… so, it was time to pass on the tradition.

I spread out a huge sheet on the floor and the kids brought out their blankets and pillows.  Troy went and got my pillow and offered to share his blanket.  The three of us sprawled out on the floor to watch Max and Ruby.

I fell asleep almost immediately.

The kids misunderstood “camping” for “playground” and thought I was a jungle gym.  I one of those lucky ones that can sleep anywhere… so, I ignored them and fell deeper asleep.

At 11:00 pm, my husband shook me awake and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

I told him (okay, I mumbled) “We are camping in.”

He replied, “The kids said the floor was too hard and they went to bed a little bit ago.”

Uhhhh.  Okay.

Guess the kids are a little too young to fully appreciate this tradition just yet.

Thank God… my back was hurting sleeping on the floor.


  1. Anonymous says:

    that was way too funny about camping in…..maybe you should have had the store bought in a bag popcorn like the one Nana provided to make it work…LOL
    love ya guys.

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