Celebrities We Would Want to Be Stranded With

Ahhhh… a foggy and drizzly Monday.  See Stasha, even us folk in Ohio get the dreary weather!  It’s Monday, which means it’s Monday Listicles time… I know you are antsy all weekend for this.  Admit it!  This week’s topic is the 10 Celebrities We Would Want to Be Stranded With thanks to Ashlee.  Fun, right?  I asked the Hubs to pick five… so, this should be interesting.  I am sure Caroline Rhea will make the list.

Next week’s topic is 10 Songs from your Senior Year of High School as thought up by Kathy!  Sounds interesting!  I think I can remember back that far!

The Hubs’ Five People He Wants to Be Stranded With

  1. John Force – endless stories about racing and life experiences
  2. George Carlin – my (the Hub’s) all-time favorite comedian.
  3. Rachel Ray – gonna need a good cook on the island
  4. Jerome Bettis – favorite football player
  5. Nicholas Cage – to watch Gone in 60 Seconds over and over, plus he seems like he could be a little crazy – need a little of that on the island.


The Five People I Want to Be Stranded With

  1. Vin Diesel – just for entertainment purposes
  2. Guy Fieri – his style of cooking is more my speed
  3. Russell Johnson – Duh!  The professor on Gilligan’s Island.  He could rig up anything.  Well, except getting us off the island.
  4. Jeff Dunham – for the laughs
  5. Gene Simmons – for the stories


Well, there you have it… the Hubs and I’s list of who we wanted to be stranded with.  I am kinda shocked that Caroline Rhea wasn’t on his list…


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  1. George Carlin was an awesome call by your hubby!

  2. I might pick Oprah because you just know she would have all sorts of fabulous toys with her, including a helicopter that might allow us to be un-stranded.

  3. Don Gibson says:

    Hmmm Gene Simmons would be interesting, plenty of stories there. I’m not buying the Vin Diesel only for entertainment sorry although you could watch all the fast and furious movies over and over.

  4. Sounds like you two have it covered! Might not want to leave at all..

  5. I don’t know you disappeared from my bloglovin list…I am losing my mind babe…but I have been sick for two weeks…

    I missed out on this…but my answer would have been the same…JACKSON RATHBONE…oh yeah….UNF.

    love how you got your hubby involved…how is he feeling?

  6. He’s doing good. Back to work.

  7. Especially with Vin there. 🙂

  8. Entertainment can take many forms.

  9. That helicopter could take us to a spa…

  10. We have this set of his old CDs– from way back when he was just starting out. Everytime we go somewhere sans kids we listen to them and crack up.

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