Christmas Memories

This week’s Listicles topic is 10 Christmas Memories.  I have so many… how do I choose just ten?  Before I forget, next week’s topic is 10 Apps.  Do you think there is an app for that?  We shall see.  If you haven’t played along on the Monday Listicles, it is super easy.  Hop over to Stasha’s blog and check out the topic, make a list of 10 items related to the topic and link up.  It’s loads of fun… and at Christmas time, you kinda feel like Santa making your list…

christmas memories

10 Christmas Memories

  1. Delivering papers with mom and dad and Tom Trainer, the police chief in town, radioing dispatch and the other policeman to find out if they’d seen Santa.  
  2. The year I got my 3 foot tall brown teddy bear.
  3. The first Christmas after the Hubs and I moved in together… he proposed.
  4. The year we were woken up by gun shots and were peeking out the front window and two cops went by and saw us.  The hubs and I laugh about it still… that we were a little too old to be peeking out the window for Santa to arrive.
  5. Every year that the neighbors decorated their house up… it was like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  I literally could lay in bed with the lights out and still read.
  6. When my 96-year-old great-grandma hit my dad between the eyes with a wrapping paper ball during our annual wrapping paper fight at her house after opening gifts.
  7. Two years ago when I volunteered around Christmas at the Clubhouse teaching kids how to scrapbook and make things with paper.  For a present, I gave them each a small scrapbook and they got so excited talking about what they were going to do with it.
  8. Making and decorating cut-out sugar cookies with my mom (Nana).
  9. Going to Ludlow Falls each year with the entire family to see the light display… I can remember the falls being frozen and the lights reflecting on the icicles.  And, at the end of the path was a huge bonfire that we would warm up by before heading back up the path to the firehouse for hot chocolate.  The visit wasn’t complete without stopping in to the small general store to buy fudge for the ride home.
  10. This year, everything Christmas – the kids are really into Christmas this year and get excited about the smallest things… I love it.


I was sitting here running some reports for work and another one of my favorite Christmas memories got me laughing.  Each year, my step-mother in law would make Beef Bourguignon for Christmas Eve dinner.  One year, we are all sitting around the table eating and all of a sudden she says, “Damnit!  I forgot the carrots.”  She had forgotten to add the carrots that year… so it became an ongoing joke about checking to make sure the carrots were in the pot.

What are some of your Christmas memories?

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  1. Visiting from Listicles. Ludlow Falls. Sounds SO much like a quaint Americana type town :). The lights must have been gorgeous, and the fudge delicioius.

  2. It definitely was. Unfortunately, they stopped doing the light display a few years ago.

  3. Oh, I forgot to add going out to look at lights to my listicle! My dad called it Turkey Trotting! So many special Christmas memories. It’s so fun to see things through the kids’ eyes as they grow.

  4. Awww for #3 and LOL for #5 and I totally agree with #10. Although my kiddo has been excited about Christmas for a few years now, it never gets old! Stopping by from the Listicles.

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