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The Curvy Girls Club Book Review

“I think we need more than this.”  Those words were uttered by Katie at a weight loss meeting in London.  Katie and her friends decided to plan a fun night out, and it grew into The Curvy Girls Club.  Katie, a supplement sales person, is the founder and president of London’s most popular club for overweight individuals. Throughout the process, a problem with her thyroid causes Katie to lose weight without trying.  She realizes that there are prejudices at every size and shape and that thin is the new fat.

Disclosure:  I received this book as part of an advertorial.

Michele Gorman, an American born British writer, she has earned a place on the #1 on the humor list, the Top 10 on women’s fiction, and the Top 20 at Amazon UK.  Educated in finance, she spent several years as a “bad” auditor before deciding to write down the stories in her head.  In 1998, a romance worthy of a novel, brought her to Britain and there she has followed her passion for writing.  She has authored several books, including the Single in the City Series and several stand-alone books.

We all tend to judge others by what they look like.  Can you imagine a place where you aren’t judged by your weight or body fat percentage?  That outings and events are created with the curvy girl in mind?

Then, join The Curvy Girls Club.

Katie and her friends start the club – for both men and women – after a fun night out at the theater.  Follow along as Katie grows into herself and becomes aware that what’s on the inside is what counts – not the size of your jeans.  Katie and her friends decide to push back against what society claims to be healthy weights and decide to help others live the lives they have now, and not wait until they lose that last 10 pounds.  This is a heart-warming, hilarious story about living your life and being yourself, not matter how much the scale says you weigh.

The Curvy Girls Club Review | Mini Van Dreams #prfriendly #review #bookreview

This is a great, light-hearted read for the summer – perfect for the beach or on your back deck.  I laughed so hard that I cried.  You feel like one of the girls while reading this – like you are sitting right there in the taxidermy office (you gotta read it to find out!)  This is a definite re-read in the future.  Check it out at Amazon.

But, here is the cool part… Michele, after writing The Curvy Girls Club, thought it would be cool to have a REAL Curvy Girls Club.  She launched The Curvy Girls Club online were no one cares what size you are and you are reminded daily how fabulous you truly are!  You can join The Curvy Girls Club!  Club members are give a daily reminder of how lovely you are, get involved in the book club, and more!

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You can join the club for free (both men and women are welcome!)  All new members get Michele’s romantic comedy short story, WEIGHTLESS, for free. Head over to The Curvy Girls Club today! You can also check out the Club on Facebook or Twitter!

To learn more about Michele, check out her website and social media links below!

Michele’s website

Twitter: @MicheleGormanUK

Facebook: MicheleGormanBooks


This is definitely a must-read this summer.  Learn to love yourself again – no matter what the scale says!

I received a free pre-released copy of The Curvy Girls Club in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions.  No affiliate links are present.  Please see my disclosure for more information.


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