(Warning:  mild cussing  in this post.)   Christmas eve, the hubs, the twins and I went over to grandpa and Yia-Yia’s house for a party.  I love going over there because there are so many people and they are all related and it is just tons of fun.  We always play a game or do something fun and interactive.  I never grew up with a big family or one that got together religiously every Christmas, so it is always a lot of fun for me to go.

Just to set the scene, the party is always loud and crazy.  Kids running around.  You can barely hear yourself think.

This year, after we ate, Yia-Yia and grandpa had a special gift for each of the kids.  It was a wooden nativity play set from Melissa and Doug.  Yia-Yia had the kids open their packages and then set up their nativities while she told the story of Jesus’ birth. It was really cool to see all the kids at the party set up everything and begin playing with their figures.

Soon after, we decided to head home to get ready for Santa.  We get the kids’ coats on told Bo and Mo to go say by to Yia-Yia.  Mo rushes in for kisses and hugs.  Bo, slowly follows.  He is coming back out of the living room and stops and lounges across a chair right by the foyer.

The Hubs says, “Come on Bo, it’s time to go.”

Bo gives his daddy a look only a three year old can muster and says…


Of course, just as he utters his lovely new vocabulary word, the entire house goes silent at that exact moment, so everyone heard him say it.

I rush into the kitchen so he doesn’t see me laughing.  I see Grandpa climbing the stairs with his face buried in his hands.  Nana is trying to keep a straight face.  The Hubs is trying to correct Bo.  And there is muffled laughter coming from the living room.

Once we all are able to control ourselves, I come back into the foyer and immediately point at the Hubs.

The Hubs says, “You cuss around them too.”

I replied, “I don’t say THAT word.”

Now, if Bo would have said “Shit”– I’d have taken full responsibility.




  1. It’s completely frightening when little ones start repeating after us! My little one said “Shoot me!” the other day and I got so mad until I realized that’s what I say when I’m overwhelmed. Ugh. Soon he’ll start saying “Shit Shoot” like me. Not ready for that day. Great (and funny) story!

  2. Awesome. Nothing like a grand public gesture to get parents to throw each other under the bus.

  3. My husband says I am completely to blame for the potty mouthed kids. Oh well, I *have* cleaned it up a bit!

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