You Don’t Have to Thank Me

You don’t have to thank me for doing my job.  Really.  It’s Wednesday Hodgepodge time.  The last couple of weeks I haven’t participated, but I am back with a vengeance.  Read on to find out how I am like my brother, what makes me think of my dad, and what I get thanked for the most.  If you haven’t played along on the Hodgepodge, join us… we’d love to have you!


1. Joyce’s sister is celebrating a birthday today. Happy Birthday! What’s one way you’re like your siblings?  If you don’t have siblings how are you like your lifelong best friend or cousin?

As many of you know, my brother died several years ago, so I have no idea what he would be like today.  However, when we were younger we both were determined and stubborn.  I am still that way, so I would assume he would be too.

2.  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of yourself at age eighteen?


3. Sculptor-actor-painter-dancer…if you could excel in one of these arts, which would you choose and why?

I’d love to be able to paint.  I have tried a few time with water colors and oils, but I am not very good at it.

4. What’s a scent that takes you back in time, and where does it take you?

I use this hair pomade by Bed Head and it smells like vanilla soft serve ice cream.  (I know, weird.)  Whenever I smell it (which is every time I use it!) it reminds me of my dad and how he would take me for ice cream when he picked me up from preschool.  I don’t know why though, because it was hand-dipped mint chocolate chip that we always got.

5. November is for Peanut Butter Lovers (National Peanut Butter Lovers Month).  Are you a lover or a hater?  What’s your favorite dish/recipe that calls for peanut butter? 

I seriously think peanut butter should be a food group.  LOVE IT.  Probably the most favorite thing I make with peanut butter is Nana’s secret ice cream sauce…. and I’m going to share the recipe with the world!  2 Tablespoons peanut butter (crunchy is best) and 3-4 Tablespoons pancake syrup.  Mix well and pour over your ice cream.  Yum!

6. What do people thank you personally for most often?

I was going to be snarky and say my kids thank me for wiping their bums… cause they do every day.  But, I would have to say it would be my coworkers in the branches I deal with because I always try to help them, even if it isn’t necessarily my job and they appreciate that.

7. What event this year are you most thankful for?

This is a toss up between the Hubs puking his guts out around Memorial Day and the kids starting pre-Kindergarten.  The Hubs puking his guts out and ultimately going to the hospital saved his life – he had a blocked bowel and the mass was cancer.  If he wouldn’t have gotten sick, we never would have known until it was too late.  Kinda weird to be thankful someone was puking, but I was.  I’m thankful the kids started pre-Kindergarten because there were several times while we were trying to get pregnant that I never thought we would… and we did and they are growing up to be little individuals.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I am getting frustrated.  I pour my heart and soul into this blog and hardly anyone comments.  I know people are reading it – people I would never in a million year expect (branch managers at work, etc.)  But, I don’t know why hardly anyone comments.  Is my comment form too difficult?  Do you think people don’t understand?  Should I put a plea for comments?  Any ideas?

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  1. Don Gibson says:

    Peanut butter is delicious who doesn’t like a reese cup, that’s spells america right there. Why when you buy a jar of reese peanut buttet at the store it doesn’t taste like what’s inside a reese cup, that’s the stuff I want in a jar. I read and comment each day on your blog don’t be frustrated you do a great job!

  2. Charles Picklesimer says:

    Dear Julia,
    I didn’t realize I was supposed to comment. I do read and I have known your whole family like forever. I miss your Dad and your brother also. I was 18 in 1965. Bad times, Vietnam War.
    Good times, first time for Kil-Kare and Pences. Love Peanut Butter. I love the smell of coffee
    brewing. I wish it tasted like it smells. Art? I’m still working on the “art” of Drag Racing. I don’t get exited about hump day, and I don’t hate Mondays. When you’re retired, every day is a holiday. I’m with Don, don’t get frustrated, you do a good job.

  3. Peanut butter and syrup on ice cream??? How in the world did she come up with that combo?
    My 4 year old doesn’t thank me for wiping his bottom. I think he needs to get on that. 🙂

    My co-worker’s husband got sick this year just like you describe your husband, and he had a completely blocked bowel and could have died as well. I’m so grateful for modern medicine to be able to fix such things.

    As for the lack of comments, don’t get frustrated. Non-bloggers just don’t comment. Every once in a while I hear from someone that they read my blog every day and I had no idea. It’s hard, because these folks now know so much about you, but you sit here not knowing who those people are or anything more about them (Nothing like a good run-on sentence!) Keep writing. People are reading.

  4. I’m sorry about your brother. One of my brothers passed away very suddenly 3 years ago so I know how it is to be part of that club you never wanted to join. So glad to hear about your hubs puking! Yeah puking especially when it leads to a diagnosis and treatment.
    The comment thing is tough. Rest assured people are reading. As Christine said, non-bloggers just don’t seem to comment. I’m not sure what the answer is. I get overwhelmed trying to do link parties. Sometimes it doesn’t feel genuine; it feels like I am forcing my writing and I lose my “voice”. The SITS Sharefest on Saturdays is about the only one I do regularly.
    Sorry I don’t have much helpful advice but please know that you do have a loyal following! Your blog is in my Bloglovin group called “My Tribe”. 🙂

  5. I kinda went off on Wednesday. The Hubs said I went overboard. LOL.

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