Easter Subway Art Free Printable via Mini Van Dreams #easter #easterideas

Easter Subway Art

How about some super-cute Easter Subway Art today?  Our first day of Easter fun week, and we are sharing this super-cute free printable.  It would be cute hanging on the fridge or framed on your mantle.  As much as I love Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween… Easter has always held a special place in my heart.  Easter Subway Art Free Printable via Mini Van Dreams #easter #easterideas


Did you have Easter traditions in your home growing up?  We always did the Easter basket thing – waking up to find the Easter bunny had visited and left us candy and small trinkets.  We’d always get dressed up in our Easter finery – complete with hats for Nana and I – and head to Easter services at church.  Afterwards, we either went to one of my grandparents’ house or stayed home for Easter dinner.  

Usually, around this time of year, we’d start singing the Easter Bunny song by Steve Nelson.  “Here comes Peter Cotton tail, Hoppin’ down the bunny trail…” So, I thought it would be perfect for a piece of subway art.  Enjoy.

Free Easter Subway Art via Mini Van Dreams #Easter #Easterideas



Easter Subway Art Printable

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  1. of all holidays Easter is my favorite. It gives us hope that winter is over and spring is on its way. It gives us hope of knowing when we die we will rise to heaven and see our loved ones that have gone before us. I have the fondest memories of Easter time.but do you remember the Easter we went to Kentucky to Grandpa Hess brothers(Joe, Tim’s father) house? we were back in a hollor! I finished sewing your easter outfit in the hotel and you were worried if you would get a basket and sure enough the Easter Bunny found you and left you the goodies!

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