Easy 3D Paper Flowers Tutorial

Welcome to the Easy 3D Paper Flowers Tutorial!  These easy 3D Paper Flowers are amazingly simple to make.  Use them on cards or gifts or even to decorate around your house.  You might even be able to use them as cake decorations.  Super cute, right?

easy 3d paper flowers


1 brad

Flower, circle or scalloped circle punch or die cut

Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol or water

Paper in choice of color(s)

easy 3d paper flowers step 1

Punch out 5 shapes using your chosen punch or die cut.

easy 3d paper flowers step 2

Push brad through the center of all 5 shapes.

easy 3d paper flowers step 3

Using the spray bottle of rubbing alcohol or water, saturate the first shape layer.  Gather around brad as shown in the picture.

(Be careful of the paper by the brad, if you aren’t gentle it could tear.)

easy 3d paper flowers step 4

Continue doing this with each layer.  Saturate and gather around the brad until all layers are done.

When it is all gathered, let it sit for a few minutes.  Take your fingers and gently “tease” the flower open a bit.  Allow to dry over night.

(Note: make sure you place the wet flower on something to ensure the color doesn’t transfer while it is wet!)

easy 3d paper flowers step 5

Once it is dry, you can gently arrange the petals to cover the brad better.

To attach to a card or package, use a glue dot for best results!

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  1. WOW…what magic is this???? LOLOLOL. That is so awesomely cool babe! Handmade gifts are always the best and most thoughtful .

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