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Easy Christmas Gift Tags

Easy Christmas gift tags so easy a child can make them?  Absolutely.  Whenever I post a card or scrapbook page, I inevitably get the comment “I’m not that talented” or “I’m not a scrapbooker.”  Well, today I am going to show you some easy Christmas gift tags that Mo helped me make – with only leftover paper, tape, ribbon and scissors.  Yep.  That’s it.  No crazy, fancy tools… nothing you don’t already have.

easy christmas gift tagsGetting a gift bag or package with a homemade gift tag is awesome.  Most of the time, I end up hanging them on my tree because they are so cute.  But, let me tell you a secret… you can make these quickly and easily even if you aren’t a scrapbooker or card maker!  When I say Mo helped me with these, she really did… and she is 4.

easy christmas gift tags suppliesSupplies:


Leftover paper

Tape or glue


Hole punch (optional)

The most important thing is to not get to fussy making these.  They are supposed to look rustic and handmade.  Don’t get wrapped up in the details… just go with it.


Snow Hat Gift Tag

snow hat christmas gift tag

Cut half an oval from your hat color.

Cut a small circle for the “ball” on top.

Cut a strip for the bottom trim.

Layer the ball and trim on top of the base.

Santa’s Pants Gift Tag

santas pants gift tagCut rectangle (or square) from red paper.

Cut a strip of black paper to fit the width of red paper.

Cut a white square larger than the height of black.

From leftover black strip, cut square for center of belt buckle.

Adhere the long black strip in the center of the red rectangle.

Adhere the white square in the middle of the black.

Adhere smaller black square on top  of white square, making sure it is aligned with the black.

Three Trees

three trees gift tagCut large circle.  (We traced the ribbon spool and cut it out.)

Cut three triangles in green.

Cut three trunks from a small strip of brown.

Adhere trunks to back of trees.

Adhere trees and trunks to circle.

You can punch a hole in the tops and string them with a ribbon, or just tape them to the package.  The “to” and “from” could be put on the front or back… your choice.

Super easy right?  Like I said earlier… don’t get hung up on things being perfect.  They aren’t supposed to be.  You don’t need special paper.  You could easily make these out of construction paper, last years Christmas cards, or anything you have around the house.  Think outside the box.  No die cutting machine?  No problem.  We used the ribbon spool for our circle… but, what about tracing your child’s hand for a mitten shape or using a cookie cutter as a pattern?

See?  You don’t need to be a scrapbooker or card maker to make something cool.

Go grab your scissors and tape and see what you can create!

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