Easy Easter Card via Mini Van Dreams #cards #easter #papercrafts

Easy Easter Card

This Easy Easter Card is so simple, you can make several of these in a short amount of time.  Especially, if you waited until the last-minute like I did.  Feel free to make this one your own with whatever brads and card stock you have on hand.  Depending on what you choose – or when you send your card – you could choose a purple ribbon or white ribbon.  

I didn’t know this until I did a little research:  the purple or black sash/ribbon on the cross is a symbol of the importance of Lent and Holy Week and can also symbolize repentance.  The white sash/ribbon is in honor of the resurrection of Christ and replaces the purple or black sash on Easter Sunday.

Easy Easter Card via Mini Van Dreams #cards #easter #papercrafts

Easy Easter Card


  • 4.5″ x 6″ colored card stock
  • 5.75″ x 8″ white or cream card stock
  • Brown card stock scraps
  • 5″ ribbon – purple, black, or white
  • 4 brads
  • Adhesive
  • 3 pop dots
  • Scissors


  1. Fold 5.75″ x 8″ card stock in half.  Crease well.
  2. Adhere to center of colored card stock.
  3. On top “flap” of cream/white card stock, carefully poke the brads into the four corners and open tabs, checking to ensure tabs cannot be seen from the front.
  4. Cut two strips of brown card stock scraps – 2.25″ x 1/4″ and 3.75″ x 1/4″
  5. Using adhesive, adhere in cross shape as show in picture.
  6. Cut pop dots in half with scissors.  Place pop dots halves at the very edges of the cross, and one in the center.
  7. Adhere (with the pop dots) cross to center of card.
  8. Carefully weave ribbon in spaces between pop dots, as shown.
  9. Trim ribbon edges.

For printable supplies, directions and photo.  Click here.

Super cute and super easy right?  

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