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I was messing around on my blog last week and realized it has been forever since I posted any scrapbook layouts.  It’s not that I don’t scrapbook, I just always forget to take a picture of the layout to post about it.  *sigh*

We are fighting the creepy crud here.  The Hubs had the flu and now I am getting a cold.  So, I thought I would find a layout from one of my scrapbooks and share that.  This one is one of my favorites that I made on a whim one day– with nothing more than some letter stickers, two sheets of printed 12×12 paper and two sheets of solid 12×12 paper.

Have fun!

I am all about simplicity when scrapbooking.  Some times I don’t even journal… just notate the date and place and then move on.  Nana claims I “mash” book… but it is a matter of time.  Since the twins were babies, I have been keeping three sets of scrapbooks– one for each of them and one for me.  So, for ever layout I do– I have two more I have to complete.  It is a lot of work, but it will be worth it when I give the twins their own sets when they are adults.




2 sheets 12×12 printed paper

2 sheets 12×12 solid paper

Sticker letters (as you can see– I used several different sets)

Paper cutter


Round corner punch

Square punch (or use paper cutter)




  1. Your base sheets are going to be one printed 12×12 sheet and one solid 12×12 sheet.
  2. Using your paper cutter, trim 1″ from each side of the second sheet of solid 12×12 paper
  3. Punch round corners on the trimmed solid paper
  4. Center this rounded edge rectangle on the printed 12×12 base sheet.  Adhere.
  5. Round the edges of your picture (I am using a 5×7 print).  Adhere to center of solid rectangle.
  6. Add your words/lettering around picture.
  7. Mat two additional pictures with printed 12×12 paper, leaving approximately 1/2 inch on each side.
  8. Round corners of mat and pictures.  Adhere pictures to center of printed paper.
  9. Adhere two pictures to solid piece of 12×12 in a pleasing arrangement.
  10. Using scissors and your leftover printed paper scraps, choose 2-3 designs to trim out (These are in the upper right hand corner of my second page– the lion and tiger).  It doesn’t have to be perfect– in fact, the leaf you see is actually covering up the bottom of the tiger’s face because the print was cut off on the sheet).
  11. Adhere these motifs to your page.
  12. Using either your paper cutter or a 1″ square punch, punch out three additional pictures from the print– once again, they don’t have to be perfect.  You can see on mine, all three faces are cut off– just get the general picture.
  13. Round the corners of these three 1″ pieces.
  14. Adhere to page.


As I said earlier… its not about perfection.  I know someone in my family who hasn’t even started scrapbooking– yet has everything to begin– because she wants it to be perfect.  Its about the love you put into it– not the precision.  If you look closely on my second page, there is a ruler printed stripe– it’s because I started to stamp my words and changed my mind.  So, instead of throwing the entire sheet away… I made it work.

I subscribe to the Bob Ross philosophy… scrapbooking, to me, is sometimes a “happy accident”….

Go make something, don’t be perfect… and have fun!

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