Elegant Pumpkin Decorations | Mini Van Dreams

Elegant Pumpkin Decorations

Check out the elegant pumpkin decorations I made!  I love when I can use holiday decorations more than one holiday… so, when I saw these unpainted pumpkins  I knew I had to make something with them that I could use the entire autumn season!  I wanted something more classy and elegant than just orange pumpkins, so I decided a little sparkle was in order – everything is better with glitter!  Keep reading to learn how to make these super easy elegant pumpkin decorations!

Elegant Pumpkin Decorations | Mini Van Dreams


plaster pumpkins

acrylic craft paint


Mod Podge® Matte Finish

foam brushes


ribbon or yarn scraps


  1.  Paint pumpkins with two coats of acrylic paint.  Allow to dry between coats.
  2. Using brush, dab Mod Podge® on area of pumpkin you want to be glittery.
  3. With pumpkins on newspapers, sprinkle glitter over wet Mod Podge® until covered.  Carefully, press glitter onto pumpkin to ensure adhesion.  Set aside to dry overnight.
  4. Tie ribbon or yarn to stems and display.

Elegant Pumpkin Decorations | Mini Van Dreams

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