fantasy coloring pages

Fantasy Coloring Posters

I am one of those weird adults that still likes to color.  You can usually find me on the floor with at least one of the kids coloring in a coloring book.  So, when I was contacted by Design 249 to review their fantasy coloring posters, I jumped on the offer.  Design 249 has several ways you can get their fantasy coloring posters– you can order a coloring book of 25, download posters online, or order mini-posters.  You can even choose which posters you want in your pack!

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The best part about these fantasy coloring posters is the thickness of the paper.  They are printed on 67 pound vellum bristol.  Which, for you non-paper people, means they are super thick and sturdy.  We used colored pencils, but I think with the thickness of the paper, you could easily use markers or even some types of paint and have great results.  The second cool thing is the details!  These aren’t your kids’ coloring pages!  The details are amazing.  The artist, William J. Murray, is very talented.  I can only imagine the time and skill it took to design these posters.  The ink on the posters are awesome too… it didn’t smear or smudge with our hands or when coloring over the design.

fantasy coloring pages

Now, I was rather worried about the “fantasy” part of the deal.  I have seen some crazy fantasy stuff through the years.  However, their posters are rated G through PG-13.  You can easily view the posters prior to ordering to ensure they are the best fit for the age group you need them for.  That being said, I had no problems whatsoever letting my 4 year olds color these– there wasn’t anything vulgar or overly scary on them.  Simply, dragons and fairies and things like that.  Super cool for them and me.

fantasy coloring posters

These would be awesome as gifts– whether you gave the recipient the actual uncolored posters or if you colored and framed them.  Very cool.

I highly encourage you to check out their website to order some posters for you or your kids.  You can also follow Design 249 on Facebook and Twitter.

fantasy coloring posters

Design 249 and William J. Murray are letting me give one lucky reader (US only) their choice of 10 fantasy coloring posters!  Enter via the entry form below.  (If the entry form is not showing, click the link!)  Good luck!

I received complimentary fantasy coloring posters from Design 249 in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  The compensation received did not and will not influence my opinion whatsoever.  

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