Fred Flintstone in the Hospital

Fred Flintstone came to the hospital to see the Hubs.  Most of you know we spent a rough week in the hospital after the Hub’s emergency surgery.  The Monday after surgery, I came into his room and he was having problems breathing.  They rushed him to ICU to stabilize him.  The Respiratory Group kept coming in to check on him and give him breathing treatments.  The night respiratory person was named Jeff.  Every time he came in throughout the night, he would go over to the Hub’s grease board and write something.  We didn’t find out until morning what he was doing… he was drawing a caricature of Fred Flintstone.

Introducing, Fred Flintstone:

Fred Flintstone in the Hospital

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  1. that’s a damn good drawing.. Laughter really does help. .How is the hubs feeling babe?

  2. Doing good. Getting bored sitting around.

  3. Hang in there! Make the staff entertain you more so you can better pass the time:-)

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