Egg Decorating Ideas via Mini Van Dreams

Fun Egg Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for easy egg decorating ideas?  Do you not want to mess with the dye and vinegar and all that messiness?  Then look no more!  These eggs are super cute and so easy to make… even for younger kids.  Mo and I had a blast choosing our tidbits to make the eggs’ faces and outfits.  Well, until she ate my egg… but that’s another story. These easy egg decorating ideas are perfect for hard boiled eggs or chocolate eggs!  Gather your supplies and get crafting!

Egg Decorating Ideas via Mini Van Dreams

All you need for these are your eggs (real, plastic, chocolate, etc), wiggly eyes, a strip of thick paper, and whatever tidbits and scraps you have around the house!  For ours, we used foam shapes that we purchased for craft supplies – with the double bonus of them being sticky on the back!

Your creativity is the limit on this one!  Have fun and make them yours!


  • Eggs (plastic, hard-boiled, chocolate)
  • Cardstock scrap
  • Tape or glue dot
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Scraps to decorate (i.e. paper, shapes, stickers, glitter, etc)
  • Scissors
  • Note:  If you like, you can dye the hard-boiled eggs prior to decorating


  1. Cut a strip of paper 1″ wide and several inches long to make a stand for your egg.  Overlap ends and adhere.  (The length of the strip will depend on the size of your egg.)
  2. Attach wiggle eye using glue dot or adhesive.
  3. Decorate with scraps as desired.
  4. Enjoy!

Egg Decorating Ideas via Mini Van Dreams


Egg Decorating Ideas via Mini Van Dreams


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