Get Your Man Healthy!

As a mother, wife, sister, or daughter, we have the responsibility to keep the men in our life healthy.  Just in time for Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month, and with some help from my friends at Nuts.com, I thought I would share ways to get your man healthy!  Keep reading for some great tips and to see the NUTritional infographic, created by Registered Dietitian Molly Morgan.

Get Your Man Healthy tips… (Pssst…. these are good tips for YOU too!)

  • Eat healthy!  

    • Nutrition foods provide energy to make your body happy and strong.  An added bonus is that some foods may lower your risk for diseases and cancers!  You can check out some high protein snack ideas and other healthy snacks ideas at Nuts.com.  Make sure you check out their yummy recipes too!

  • Get a move on!

    • Regular exercise is important for a healthy body.  Take a walk with your kids, your sweetie or your dog.  Take a lap around the parking lot at lunch.  Join a gym.  There are even apps that can instruct you on how to fit in exercise at home.

  • Stop smoking!

    • Smoking causes cancer, lung disease and strokes.  Its a leading cause of death today.  Plus, you are harming your family and friends with secondhand smoke.  And, it makes you stink.

  • Take your medications!

    • Your doctor provides medications for a reason.  They are meant to keep you healthy.  If you don’t handle one of your medications well – rather than stopping, see your doctor for him/her to provide you something that works better.

  • Get your sleep!

    • Get enough sleep each night.  Lack of sleep can affect your mood and your health.  If you are having problems sleeping, see your doctor for help.

  • Manage your stress!

    • We are all under stress these days.  Learn ways to create a healthy work/life balance and control stress.  Get your partner involved… couple yoga can be fun…

  • Be Safe!

    • Your family needs you to be healthy and happy.  Always wear a seat belt, motorcycle helmet, install smoke detectors in your home, follow safety rules at work, obey speeding and other laws… and for Pete’s sake, never do anything that is prefaced with “Here, hold my beer…”

  • Find a doctor you like!  Visit them regularly!

    • Go for checkups annually, or more often if your doctor suggests.  Follow through on testing that needs to be done.  Go to the dentist.  Go to the eye doctor.  Don’t put off what you think is going to be “annoying” or “uncomfortable.”  It could kill you.

  • If something seems “off” or not right, don’t put off the doctor visit!

    • If you are long time reader, you know this tip is near and dear to our hearts.  If you would like to read about my husband’s colon cancer, please click here.  Never put off something that seems abnormal for you… no matter how embarrassing or minor you think it is.  Your doctor has heard it or seen it before. Our bodies are made to give warning signs… ignoring them could be detrimental to your health and even kill you.  Your family and friends like having you around… don’t do anything stupid to jeopardize that.


Get Your Man Healthy! | Mini Van Dreams


This post was written for social good.  All information and graphics used with permission.  No compensation was received in exchange for this post.


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