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Get Organized with Jane Stoller

We all want to get organized – myself included.  But where do you begin? What do you do with your stuff?  And most of all, once you get organized, how do you stay organized?  Organizing for Your Lifestyle by Jane Stoller is an amazing resource for these – and all – your organization questions.  Jane walks you through every aspect of organizing your home and life- from closets to suitcases!  She doesn’t just tell you how to do it, she explains the science behind organizing also.

Organizing for Your Lifestyle by Jane Stoller | Mini Van Dreams


“I’m constantly finding new ways to get and stay organized, and I love sharing these ideas with my friends and family.”  – Jane Stoller


Organizing for Your Lifestyle is set up into themes or areas in your life that may need organized.  Anything from your sock drawer to your suitcase, kitchen to bathroom… Jane will show you how to get organized and stay organized.  Not only does Jane provide the details on getting organized – she also provides ideas and inspiration throughout the book to help you along the way to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Jane’s book is written for everyone – whether you live in a mansion or a one-room flat, or have a large family or just yourself.  She provides tips and tricks that helps you become organized so you can get more done, easily on a daily basis.

Personally, I have not had a chance to implement many of her ideas but she has given me the confidence that I can do it and will get organized once and for all.  The ideas I have implemented have been amazing and have made our lives a little more smoother during the hectic times.


“This book is about sharing what I know, and what I’ve learned, from organizing my own life, and helping others organize theirs.” – Jane Stoller


Jane provides multiple organization ideas for each area of your home that needs organized, she does it in a fun and low-stress way.  It seems like Jane is right there helping you get rid of the clutter, one room at a time.  Even the “science” behind organizing that she shares throughout the book is interesting and thought provoking.

About Jane

Jane was born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada.  Her parents immigrated to Switzerland to follow their dreams of owning a dairy farm.  Jane began organizing her toys and books at a young age while playing.  This set the path for the organization tips she shares with family and friends today.

She has earned a Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from top Canadian universities.  She currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland and works in the construction industry.

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