get a shot give a shot

Get a Shot. Give a Shot.

Get a shot.  Give a shot.

For today’s Wordless Wednesday, I am sharing a picture of my band-aid.  Why?  Because I went and had a flu shot at Walgreens.  So?  From now until October 14th, if you get a flu shot or another vaccine at Walgreens they will donate one life-saving vaccine to a child in need.  The goal is to provide 3 million polio and measles vaccines to the children who need them most.

get a shot give a shot

Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective ways to save and improve the lives of children in developing countries by protecting them from life-threatening diseases.

~Kathy Calvin, president and chief executive officer of the United Nations Foundation

Walgreens also partnered with Shot@Life in August for Blogust.  A fun month full of blog posts– and every comment left on each blog post resulted in one vaccine donation.  We earned more than 36,000 vaccines in one month!

According to Walgreens’ website, most locations in most states offer a range of 17 CDC-recommended vaccines.  These can include shingles, pneumonia, pertussis (whooping cough), meningitis, hepatitis and others.  Please check with your local Walgreens for details.

Don’t want to get a shot or already had your flu shot?  Please visit my Shot@Life Champion page and make a small donation to help fund a life-saving vaccine.  A donation of $1 allows a child to receive a measles vaccine.  A donation of $5 allows one child to receive a measles and polio vaccine.  A $20 donation allows one child to receive a polio, measles, pneumonia and diarrhea vaccine.  It is rare that I ask for donations on my blog, but I think this is a very, very good reason to forgo a exotic coffee for one day, to help save a child’s life every 20 seconds.

Here’s the fun part… snap a pic of your band-aid or getting a shot at Walgreens and post it on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter and tag it with #giveashot.  All the photos will be shared at the Shot@Life webpage!

So… what are you waiting for?

Get a shot.  Give a shot.




  1. Don Gibson says:

    Really cool, glad you are involved in this. Should me proud you are doing something to make a difference in a child’s life. I know I’m very proud of you

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Julia. My husband still needs to get the pertussis booster and we both need flu shots. We have to be safe and responsible now that we are grand parents!

  3. You better get it done! A lady at work here has pertussis! Scary! Thankfully, I had a tetanus booster a couple of years ago and it had the pertussis vaccine in it as well.

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