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Gone Camping Free Printable Planner Stickers

Check out these adorable Gone Camping Free Printable Planner Stickers! Do you ever wish you could just hang a sign on your computer, “Gone Camping” and take a break? Me too. I grew up camping almost every weekend. My parents and grandparents belong to the DIamond Gypsies Camping Club and we were visiting all over the tri-state area most weekends. Recently, I took my kids camping for the first time – and while the no internet was rough, I think they did have fun. Maybe one day, I will be able to buy a camper and travel the country.

As always, my stickers are available in ECV and HP versions, with some tips to get them to fit the mini-HP! Grab yours today. You might notice I have changed the stickers based on feedback from my readers. Now, there are more box covers and the ECV set has been resized for 2021!

Do I need special supplies?

Nope! The basics that you will need are a printer, your planner, a pair of scissors, and some sticker paper! That’s it! I do recommend getting a paper cutter of some sort – one that is used for scrapbooking is great for planner stickers. This makes cutting the stickers much easier. But, to be honest, I usually just use scissors!

How to use the free planner stickers:

  1. Download and save the sticker sheet below. Do not print from Google Drive – it skews the sizing.
  2. Print the PDF onto full sheet sticker paper (Avery 8165 is what I use.)
  3. Cut and place decorate your planner.


But, I have an HP Mini…

Have an HP mini?  No problem!  Download the full-size HP planner stickers to your desktop and open them in Acrobat.  Choose print and resize to 80-85% of the original.

What else ya got?

There are more fun planner stickers and other printables on my free printables page… check it out!

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  1. Wanda Hess says:

    Cute camping stickers

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