Halloween versus Fall Festivals: My Take on the Debate | Mini Van Dreams

Halloween versus Fall Festivals

Halloween versus fall festivals – a hot topic this time of year.  Let me start this post by saying… I am a Christian and I believe in God.  I was brought up in a Baptist church and was raised “right” as my parents would say.  This post is about my opinion on the whole Halloween versus Fall Festival thing… and why it irks me to no end.  I don’t want anyone to take offense… and I am absolutely up for any civil and non-inflammatory debate concerning this…

Halloween versus Fall Festivals: My Take on the Debate | Mini Van Dreams

Its Halloween season again.  Time for the kids to dress up and for houses to be decorated with ghosts and goblins.  I grew up with a Mayberry Halloween.  My mom would decorate the house inside and out, and my dad and all the other dad’s would pass out candy.  Sometimes, we would hit our town and my grandparents’ town to go trick or treating.  We had costume parades at school (of course, we were allowed to pray in school then too, but I digress…)  Never once was I told to believe that it was the “devil’s holiday” and that I shouldn’t participate.

Never once did I believe that a scary witch was a reason to worship the devil.  My parents dressed us up in whatever costume we chose (okay, mom… you really should have put your foot down on the black trash bag and spray painted hair)… and sent us on our way.  We trick or treated, played harmless tricks, soaped windows, and toilet papered.  We knew which houses to hit twice for candy and which ones cheaped out and only gave those black and orange caramel things.  We enjoyed ourselves, had fun, and no one gave up their Christianity to become an atheist or Satan worshiper.

In fact, I had never heard of a fall festival or harvest party until I was teaching at a Christian preschool.  I didn’t even know what it was and had to ask!  No black cats.  No costumes.  No Halloween.  We had to celebrate fall.  Which, is FINE… but what about Halloween?!  I found out recently that my mom (Nana, as you all know her as) hates Halloween.  She hates the whole “black magic” of the entire holiday and just let us celebrate it because of my dad.  I am still confused about this.  Why is Halloween synonymous with the devil?  Celebrating Halloween isn’t going to send you to hell or cause you to lose faith in God.

I’ve mentioned on my blog before… I love fall.  I love Halloween.  I love dressing up and the kids coming to get candy from our house.  I decorate the outside.  I decorate the inside.  Don and I even went and passed out candy at our first house– before we even signed the papers!  We just sat in the driveway and handed out candy.  The neighbors did it up right… flying ghosts, cackling witches, bubbling cauldrons of smoke.

Who the heck took the fun out of Halloween?!

Was it the same people who took prayer out of school?

Do I know this is a different time we live in?  Absolutely.  Do I think kids should go door to door unsupervised?  No way.  Do I think Trunk or Treats are a wonderful idea?  Definitely.

Don’t get me wrong… keeping my kids and other kids healthy and safe is my top priority as a mom.

But, do I think the whole fall festival/harvest festival thing has gotten out of hand.  Yeah, a little bit.

I know there are people out there that do not let their children believe in Santa Claus.  That isn’t what the holiday is about– it’s about Jesus’ birth.  But, somewhere, you are going to have to find a happy medium.  My kids believe in Santa… and they know Baby Jesus was born.  As they get older, we will become more detailed.  They believe both.  Needless to say, my kids WILL be celebrating Halloween and WILL be taught to respect other families’ wishes to not celebrate the season.

As long as you celebrate Halloween with a Christian heart… I seriously doubt God will find fault with your choices.

You know, I might be wrong.  But, we are taught God is a forgiving God… so, I know will be forgiven for enjoying Halloween.  We have bad people doing bad things to kids on a daily basis, I seriously think my transgression of enjoying Halloween is minor in the scheme of things.

But, when I am gone, my children will be left with wonderful memories of their crazy, Halloween-loving, house decorating, costume wearing mom.


So… I am opening this up to you… do you celebrate Halloween or a Fall Festival?  I would love to have a discussion about this.  Let’s just keep it family-friendly and nice… Why do you celebrate what you do?



  1. You state my feelings exactly. I am a Christian as are my children, but we still know how to have fun, and can separate fact and fiction.

  2. I agree! I also grew up in a Christian home. We did Halloween and Santa and I’m a missionary. haha-not that that makes me a more holier Christian because it certainly doesn’t, but you get what I mean. Now that I have kids, we do Halloween, but we do not do Santa because of personal preference and the personality of my oldest child (She is very black and white and takes everything at face value, so doing Santa would confuse her, so we opted out.)

    I really think it’s up to personal preference and the 1 Corinthians 8 principle. None of these are forbidden by God. If your conscience doesn’t feel good about Halloween or Santa, then don’t do it, but don’t look down on other Christians who do not have the same conviction. Likewise, if your conscience is free, do it if you want to, but don’t judge other Christians for being seemingly “legalistic.”

    BTW, I didn’t think your post sounded judgy-I am just mentioning it because I really feel like it’s the heart issue of this debate. It’s only a debate because some Christians think their opinions about it are superior to others’.

  3. My husband and I talked about this and we wonder if people will someday outlaw Halloween fun… *So…I googled halloween vs Festivals… I think I stand in the same place! :)

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