Impractical Things Learned in School- Monday Listicles

This week’s Listicles topic is Impractical Things courtesy of Amanda.  Next Monday’s list is Ridiculous Things Online.  That will be a fun one.  I had planned on putting my own spin on this week’s topic… and findign 10 impractical things in my kitchen, but I never got that far.  So, I am going to list 10 Impractical Things I Learned in School.  How’s that?  Let’s go…

  1. Algebra – Seriously, have you EVER use this in real life?
  2. Cursive – I always print.  Or type.  The only thing I write in cursive is when I sign my name… and its more of a hybrid of print and cursive.  I don’t even use cursive when I journal for scrapbooking.
  3. Learning the Periodic Table of Elements – Really?  I stressed over this in chemistry.  What has it gotten me?  Yeah, the only thing I need to know on that list is SILVER.  Cause that’s the color jewelry I like.  (And, for the records, its Ag.)
  4. Fake Flour Babies – Really schools?  We lugged around a 5 pound bag of flour to help us understand the concept of birth control.  Hey… guess what?  Babies weigh more than 5 pounds, we wouldn’t have them with us at school, and they pee and poop and throw up.
  5. MLA Citations – I have never, ever, ever used this outside of English class in school.  Get with the program– APA 6th edition.  Teach something useful.
  6. Different Ways to Say No to Drugs – Okay, really.  “Hey, you want some?”  “Nah, I’m good dude.”  You don’t need several ways to say no.  Just say no.  It’s simple.
  7. Using a Card Catalog – Do kids these days even KNOW what that is?  Do they know how hard it was to find a book in the files and then write it down on the little piece of paper and then go search for it?  Heck, these days they can just access the flipping book online!
  8. How to Climb a Rope and/or Cross a Rope Bridge – Really?  That’s useful.  I encounter those things on a daily basis.  Crossing the parking lot into work is dangerous– that roaring river below the rope bridge– super scary.
  9. How To “Borrow” When Doing Long Division – Do you remember this?  You had to put the little “r” and the amount leftover?  Type that crap in a calculator and get a decimal.  There isn’t a little bank somewhere with all the “r”s waiting to be cashed in.
  10. Obey The Rules – Guess what– those who succeed in life…. they break the rules.  They think outside the box.  They go against the grain.

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  1. Okay, this post had me cracking up! Seriously…MLA??? WTH? However, I do use Algebra daily and some of the Periodic Table…I am a Purchaser for a metal fabrication company so I have to figure square footage a lot and look at metallurgic test reports. Oh yeah, and there is a bank waiting for the r’s to be cashed in…IT’S ME!!!

    Happy Monday.

  2. OMG…this was hilarious! Having to climb rope was the bane of elementary gym class!

  3. This is great! So many things I had completely forgotten about – ugh!!! And no, I don’t remember “borrowing” in long division – thank God!!

  4. If my indication of parenthood would have been linked to my flour baby, my kids would have been stuck in a locker.

  5. Lmao..this is hysterical!!! Super list…visiting from The Good Life

  6. GREAT take on the list – love your list. I’m so glad that I didn’t have to lug around a flour baby or any other baby. I will say that learning the periodic table comes in real handy when playing Jeopardy. i never learned how to climb the rope – that sucka hurt my hands. Gotta love #10!

  7. I knew early on the useless factor of Algebra and periodic tables and I refused to learn them. entertaining list.

  8. awesome list. and all so true. course, I can’t let my children read it since I am busy telling them how necessary school is. LOL
    my fave high school moment was when the guidance counselor very sternly and in almost sacred whisper informed me that if I dropped my senior math class…..I was in danger of never getting a job that would require math skills!!! *gasp*
    um….kinda the point there genius. who passed you?

  9. so love this…and so flipping true. When I talk to high school students I cringe at all the useless stuff they need. I worry for DIno and all the useless crap he will have to learn.

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