Inside My Purse

Inside my Purse


I always find it fascinating when people list out what is in their purse in those celebrity magazines.  So, I decided to give you a peek into mine.  I literally just dumped my purse on my desk and I am going to list it out…

Yes, my purse was messy.

  • Eye drops
  • Two ink pens
  • Gold pouch with all my stupid loyalty cards (Seriously, I think the dentist and doctor should get one… everyone else has one!)
  • Keys
  • CPR mask
  • My wallet I have had for 10 years
  • Advertisement for a local country decor store
  • Several receipts
  • Tickets from games at a local restaurant
  • Checkbook with my new fancy checkbook cover Nana bought me in Amish Country
  • A magazine page I tore out that I loved the paint color on
  • Face powder
  • Sunglasses

Exciting things, right?  Somehow I think it is more exciting to see what the famous people have in their purses…


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  1. Oh my I would hate to dump mine out. I can tell you a couple of the less obvious things. I have and Ernie doll and Peter Pan doll. Cow salve because you never know when you might need it. I am sure a shoe is in there to.

  2. okay, so Nana empties her purse on her chair: checkbook, glasses,billfold,address book, tissues, receipts, nothing exciting in there.

  3. You forgot the Hot Wheels, Barbie doll, and kitchen sink.

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