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It is time for back to school for children, a time when they crack open the books for another school year learning and socializing with their peers.  But, did you know that 130 million children worldwide are not in school?  Did you know that 70% of these are girls?  Consider this, a girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more as an adult according to the World Bank.  UNICEF has discovered that educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send their children to school.  Opportunity International is working to change these statistics.

invest in one child


Consider this:

  • Lack of monetary resources is the number one reason why African families can’t send their children to school
  • Education is not free, even public schools have large costs such as fees, uniforms, books, food, shoes, and teacher payments
  • Lack of access to schools in rural areas is the second reason why African families don’t send their children to school
  • The African government might not be able to support school construction



Can you imagine not being able to send your child to school because of exorbitant fees?  Knowing your children need and have a desire to learn, but have no access to schools in the area?

Opportunity International is working to change this.

Opportunity International is working to raise funds for their Invest in One Child Back to School Campaign.  The monies raised will go to providing school fee loans to families in Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Dominican Republic, and Rwanda.  The monies will also go towards assisting in loans to build schools in rural communities.

Opportunity International believes that education is a pathway out of poverty and in the power of investing in one child.

By donating a $20, a child is able to go to school for a whole month.  Average loans that are granted to families are $240 per child to pay for one year of school for one child.  But, here’s the cool thing… your donation is going to be matched dollar for dollar up to $35,000 thanks to two generous donors.  So, by donating one month (or more) of educational loan monies, your donation will be doubled!  Plus, check with your company, many offer match programs for charitable donations– think of the impact you could have with just $20!

Please, check out Opportunity International’s Education Initiative for more information and to read stories of the good things that are happening from donations from individuals like you.

Consider investing in one child.  That one child could change the world.

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