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Come along for the first installment of Julia Learns to Use Technology.  I had mentioned earlier this week that I was honored with the chance to be a Verizon Wireless Mom Voice.  Last Wednesday and Thursday, I flew to Chicago and met with representatives from Verizon and ComBlu.  There were several of us that were given this honor– and it was neat to meet everyone else that was invited.  Some of the other mom bloggers, I had only read online.  Super cool to meet these great women face-to-face.  Well, I thought I would share the device, some pictures of my trip, and some neat things I have learned about my new toy… so, are you ready?

Verizon Disclosure

Let me start by saying.  I do not like flying by myself.  I am not a ‘make friends’ with strangers type of person… so, I hate flying on planes where people sit next to me and try to talk to me.  Sorry, I am too busy praying to Orville and Wilbur Wright for a safe flight than to exchange pleasantries.  That being said, that is why I like flying Southwest because I can sit where I want.  I tried to explain to my kids that mommy was going on a plane and flying to Chicago.  So, while I was in the terminal waiting area, I snapped this pic for the kids.  Notice the clouds?  Yeah, that made for a fun and bumpy landing.  Thank God I was sitting next to two great women who kept me talking (yeah, I know what I said a second ago) the entire time.  (Speaking of which, if you gals are reading… I hope you had a wonderful time on your “girl-cation” in Colorado.)

southwest airplane

So, you know how in the movies the people get off the plane and a car and driver are waiting for them?  The driver is standing there with a sign that has their name on it?  I decided, what the heck.  For just a little bit more than the shuttle, I could have a car and driver meet me at the airport and I would be guaranteed to be on time for the 11:30 meeting.  (I was cutting it close– imagine that.)  So, I hired a driver from a limousine service in Chicago.

Enter the hunk.

Hubba hubba.


I come down off the escalator into the baggage claim and this hunk is waiting for me with my name on the little board.  YES!  I walked up and told him it was me he was looking for (and yes, I refrained from adding “all your life”.)  We picked up my luggage and he went to get the car.  I was whisked away and to my hotel downtown in a blink of an eye.   Unfortunately, the hotel experience wasn’t as nice, but that is another story entirely. I felt so glamorous having a car and driver– like I was famous or something.  Wait, I am.  I’m the Mom at Mom on the Run x2.

I arrived at the hotel and bid farewell to my driver and rushed to drop my luggage off and get back down to the lobby to meet with ComBlu and the other mom bloggers for the walk to where our meeting was being held.  It was a great time– our representatives from ComBlu and Verizon were wonderful, and the trainer, Sam from Samsung, was amazing.  So, I wanted to share this… this was the view from the conference room we were in.  I’d never get anything done if I worked there.  I’d be looking out the window all the time!

view from marketing werks

Okay, Okay… you want to know what the device is, don’t you?  Don’t you?  All us mom bloggers were guessing all week that it was going to be a new cell phone– perhaps the new Moto-X or something not released to the public yet.  Boy, were we wrong.

You ready?

Hello, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:

samsung galaxy tab 2 black

samsung galaxy tab 2

All of us were so surprised.   Sam, from Samsung walked us through the setup and helped answer any questions we had about the various features.  I am still learning all the neat and cool things it can do, but it has already simplified my life and schedule unbelievably so.  I am going to share some apps I have downloaded and used, and then in the coming months I will share how the tablet and apps have been resourceful in organizing my life and household.

The apps I am currently using:

Kindle — This is one amazing app.  I have a Kindle, but it is nice to just have a book at my fingertips wherever I go.  Plus, since the tablet is in color, I can read to the kids and they can see the pictures.

Cozi Calendar and Shopping Lists— Oh my.  Super cool.  I have created colors for each family member and I am able to tell at a glance where everyone is and what they are up to.  Plus, you can do your grocery lists and share them quickly and easily with whoever is doing the shopping.

All the social media apps — Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.  (Speaking of which… you are following me on all those, right?)

WordPress — If you blog with WordPress, you will LOVE this app.  I can manage my comments, posts, and everything else on the go.  Seriously, its almost as efficient as using the desktop version.

Citrix Receiver — Most of you won’t have need for this app, but my work stuff is Citrix based.  I wanted to get onto my work email and couldn’t figure out how to do it while at the airport.  Enter the nice guy sitting next to me in the terminal.  He hooked me up while we were waiting for the plane.  This app- Citrix Receiver- allows the user to access their desktop through Citrix based stuff.  (I’m not an IT person, can you tell?)

And, of course my games – What’s the Phrase and Family Feud and Friends.

So, there you have it.  Why I was in Chicago and what I am up to now… stay tuned for the next installment of “Julia Learns How to Use Technology”.

Verizon Disclosure

Verizon Disclosure

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