Just Fell Off

I am sticking to my story.  It just fell off.  A few months ago, I was driving home and somehow, my passenger side mirror fell off.  By itself.  I swear.  See, there was this bear, I mean deer, and it darted across the road in front of me causing me to swerve and hit a mailbox with the mirror housing and the mirror glass fell out.  Really.

The drive home from work is all country roads.  And, I have a cell phone.  I was headed home and my phone dinged.  I looked down and picked up the phone to see who it was.  By then it was too late… I had swerved off the road and hit a mailbox.  My mirror glass fell out and shattered.  Crap.

I get home and told the Hubs I needed to order a new mirror glass.

Me:  I need to order a new mirror for my passenger side door.

The Hubs:  How come?

Me:  I was driving along and it just fell out.

The Hubs:  It just fell out?

Me:  Yes.  Yes, uh, I was swerving to not hit a deer.  A big deer.  It just fell off.

The Hubs:  What really happened?

Me:  A deer ran out in front of me and it just fell off by itself.

The Hubs:  Okay…

Me:  Okay, okay.  I was texting and driving and ran off the side of the road and it fell out.

The Hubs:  YOU WHAT?!

Me:  The phone dinged and I wanted to see who it was.  I wasn’t actually texting.  Just looking.

The Hubs:  And it just fell out?  All by itself?

Me:  Yes.  After I hit the mailbox.


The moral of this story is two fold— first, never text and drive and if you do, make sure you have a good story lined up on why you need a new passenger side mirror.  Just sayin’.


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  1. That little ding is so compelling and it is so hard to ignore it while you are driving but ignore it we MUST! You know you are lucky it was just your mirror, right? Your swerve could have been much worse. Promise me – no more texting while driving.

  2. I don’t have to worry about it now… the kids are always playing games on it.

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