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Kidecals Review

When the twins started school this year, I had to sit down with a permanent marker and label everything with their names and information.  Twice, because there are two of everything.  (The story of my life…)  After getting everything labeled, I thought to myself it would have been so much easier if I could have had a label of some sort to label everything.  A few weeks after the labeling fiasco, I was contacted to review Kidecals….

Kidecals Review | Mini Van Dreams

Kidecals are awesome.  They can be used on clothes, water bottles, gadgets, sporting equipment and more!  Plus they are waterproof!  Plus, they are stylish and cool!  And, they aren’t just for the kids.  They have all kinda of designs that are adult-worthy, including monogram labels, cute and funny car stickers, and more!

Whatever your children – even college agers – are into, they probably have a label design for that!  Some you can even design the colors to be more your style!  They also have keyboard decals, canning labels, wall decals, and more!

I chose a “plain” design that could be used on the kids’ stuff, as well as Don and I’s stuff.  The label below is what I chose, obviously with our information on it.

Kidecals Review | Mini Van Dreams

But, here’s the cool part… I have stuck the labels everywhere – trying to see how durable they are.  I have them on our lunch bags, the kids’ shoes, coats… pretty much everything that I could label.  And, they truly do stick almost everywhere and stay until you remove them!  According to their website, the labels are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer proof… and they actually are!

I was concerned that the labels wouldn’t stick to “rough” surfaces, like the canvas-like fabric of our lunch bags.  Stuck right on with no problems… and a month later, its still suck on… even after a daily wiping with a wet rag!  These labels are awesome!

Check out the video below for 101 ways to use Kidecals!

This momma gives Kidecals TWO THUMBS UP!  I promise… I will be ready next year before school starts… no permanent markers for me.  I am going to use my Kidecals to label all the kids’ stuff!



In exchange for this post, I received a complimentary Kidecals product to use.   All opinions and statements are my own and were not influenced in any way by the compensation received.  Please see my disclosure for more information.



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