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Letter to Santa Free Printable

If you kids or grandkids are like my kids, they are ready to write Santa a letter to let him know all the goodies and toys they want this year.  I thought I’d share this letter to Santa free printable to make those letters extra-special this year!  Tradition in our house, is to leave our letter by Santa’s cookies and milk.  However, other friends of the family send theirs out early, and some drop them off to Santa at the local mall or department store.  To make sure your letter gets noticed, use my letter to Santa free printable!

Letter to Santa Free Printable | Mini Van Dreams

Letter to Santa Free Printable


Don’t know what to do with your letter after its written?  There are a lot of fun ways to send it off to Santa!

Head to your local mall or department store and visit Santa’s in person!

Macy’s Believe Campaign – For every letter dropped off in Santa’s mailbox at a Macy’s, they will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish (up to $1,000,000)!

Email from Santa Claus – Fill out this online form with all your information, and Santa will email you a response!

Letters to Santa with the USPS – Check out this cool program that the USPS has to help children in need!

Email or Snail Mail Your Letter to Santa

Create a Personalized Video Message from Santa

Mail a Letter to Santa and Get a Response!  – This one costs $5, but the recipient receives a letter, a certificate saying they are on the nice list and a picture back.

Send a Letter, Get an Email – You can send your letter off and include an email address, and Santa will respond via email.


No matter which option you choose, your children or grandchildren will have a grand time and you will create memories that they will cherish forever!

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