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The Long Awaited Baby Powder Story

The kids still laugh about this story… every once in awhile one or both of them will ask if I remember when they made a mess with the baby powder.  Uh… how could I forget?  You don’t forget things like that… I’m still not sure I have all the baby powder cleaned up in the bathroom.  And, honestly, I am still not sure where my mop is.

Originally posted June 11, 2012:
The long awaited baby powder story is being told today.  Pull up a chair, get you a cup of coffee and be prepared to laugh and laugh.

About two weeks ago, I was sitting at the dining room table clipping coupons and Don (I thought) was with the kids in the bedroom putting away laundry.  Pretty soon, here comes Bo giggling and says, “I have powder on my hands.”  He claps his hands together and this cloud of white billows up to the ceiling.

I jumped up and ran into the living room looking for the cause of the mess.  I track the kids (and the baby powder smell) to the bathroom.  I open the door and a white “smoke” is hanging in the air.  The kids’ faces look like deer caught in the headlights.  Then, they started laughing and said “look mommy, we’re ice skating.”  They proceeded to demonstrate and Troy slipped and fell on his butt.

Nana had left the baby powder on the sink and they dumped the entire container all over the bathroom.  (Side note that will be important later:  I have tiled my bathroom with those self-stick linoleum squares… keep that in the back of your mind.)  There was baby powder all over the kids, all over the tub, all over the shower curtain, all over the floor, all over the doors.. okay, so you get the picture.
The kids continue to ice skate as I go to grab my camera.

Up the basement stairs comes daddy.  He grabs his phone to take some pictures and then shoos them out of the bathroom.  (Why is it always mommy that has to clean up the mess?!)

I get the vacuum and try to suck up the mess.  It doesn’t work.  I debate on mopping, but that sounds like a messy, icky, gloppy, paste-like mess.  Plus, I’m not sure where my mop is.  I end up getting the Clorox wipes and starting at the far wall, begin wiping as I go.  It took an entire container of wipes.

Remember how I mentioned the self-stick linoleum tiles?  Yeah… um… for the record… I didn’t put them down straight and now its blatantly obvious because the baby powder has settled into the seams and it looks like crap.  I don’t think I will ever get it cleaned up.

On a positive note, the entire house smelled clean and fresh and like a baby’s bottom for a week.

On a negative note, I probably should go buy a mop.


The Long Awaited Baby Powder Story #TBT | Mini Van Dreams

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