The Lost Remote: A Confession, of sorts via Mini Van Dreams

The Lost Remote | A Confession, of Sorts

I finally decided to share the lost remote story in remembrance of my mother-in-law who passed away a few months ago.  Looking back, I wish I would have had a chance to share this story with her – she would have thought it was hilarious.  I hope.  Well, maybe not… but it is funny now, just not at the time.  

The Lost Remote: A Confession, of sorts via Mini Van Dreams

While Don was still living at home, we decided to buy a puppy.  We wanted a husky and searched all over for one.  We finally found a husky mix, with one blue eye and one green eye – it was love at first sight.  We bought her and named her Deuce Malibu.  Coincidentally, Deuce went to the Rainbow Bridge on New Year’s Eve.  So, I guess you could say this story is for both my mother-in-law and Deuce.  (Who, by the way, were the best of buddies!  Especially when Sherry would feed her a popsicle.)  

Don and I decided to make an overnight trip to Bracket Finals in Indianapolis because his uncle had qualified and was racing.  (Maybe both of his uncles, I can’t remember.)  While we were gone, my brother was keeping an eye on the dog, coming over periodically to feed her and let her out.  Sherry was out on the road driving a semi-truck, so no one was home when my brother wasn’t there.

We get home late Sunday night and walk into what looked like snow inside the house.  All over the living room and kitchen.  Deuce was laying in the middle of the “snow” with her tail a-waggin’. 

It took us a second to realize, Deuce had pulled all the stuffing out of the couch.

And, Sherry was going to be home in less than an hour.

Uh oh.

We scrambled around shoving the stuffing back into the hole in the back of the couch.  Grabbing big handfuls and armfuls and throwing it in.

I raced around the house and finally found a thread and needle and stitched it up really quick.  

When Sherry came home, Don and I were calmly sitting on the re-stuffed couch watching TV.  

Except… we couldn’t find the remote anywhere.

We looked all over the place and had no luck.  Sherry was convinced Deuce ate it.

But, I am pretty sure it was stuffed into the couch during our rush to clean up.

I always wanted to ask her if when she was sitting on the couch the channel ever changed, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know the answer.

For Christmas that year, Don and I bought her a universal remote.  It was the least we could do.

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  1. Don Gibson says:

    Great story! You know Duece was having a ball tearing the stuffing out of the couch. Mom would have enjoyed the story and she wouldn’t have been mad at Duece, probably would have went and got her a popsicle

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