Makin’ Candy

Making candy is something I am relatively new at.  For a friend’s wedding, I made several million little heart shaped candies that were the table favors.  Several gazillion, I mean.  It is super easy and a lot of fun… so, I thought maybe I should make some fall-shaped candy with the kids.

If you have never made candy before, and want to, this is a super-simple and fun way to do it.  All you have to do is buy these little plastic molds at the craft store and a bag of candy “melts”.  You literally melt them in the microwave, spoon them into the plastic mold and pop them in the fridge… in about 20 minutes, you have candy.  They have all sorts of candy flavors and colors– peanut butter, chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla.  And, if you are really good– or crazy– you can even make multi-colored candies or peanut butter cups.

The kids and I picked out leaf shaped molds and then I also dug out the heart molds that I had, so there was no fighting.  LOL.  Mommy melted the candy melts in the microwave and then doled out spoons and the molds to eager kids.


It is important to keep in mind… if you try this with youngsters, is that the candy is hot when it is melted.  So, spoons are a must… as well as not tasting until it cools.  (Yeah, that worked out great… we all had burnt tongues.)


I’m not exactly sure what this face is.

He looks thrilled, right?

Anyways… if you haven’t done this with your kids… or for yourself.  It really is a lot of fun.  Kinda Lucy Ricardo and the chocolate factory fun.  My kids did such a good job, I am thinking about starting a wedding candy making business… but, they’d probably eat all the profits.

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  1. and they were sooooooooo good as Mr. Food would say……

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