Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is May 12th.  You know where you are talking mom for dinner.  But do you know what you are going to give her?  This special woman (whether your actual mom, a grandma, aunt or another special woman) raised you, loved you, nurtured you, and made you the person you are today.  This mother-figure needs something better than flowers or chocolate for a gift.  How about honoring these women with a Mother’s Day Card from the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics AIDS Foundation?

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics AIDS Foundation

This year celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics AIDS Foundation.  In conjunction with Mother’s Day, they are issuing a challenge to help raise the funds to test 2,500 women for HIV.  These 2,500 women would be able to find out their HIV status, get treatment if they are positive, and reduce the transmission of HIV to their children during birth!

As a mother, I would do anything to protect my children from harm.  Do you think these women want to pass on HIV to their children?  By knowing their HIV status, the necessary precautions can be taken to protect these mothers and babies!  Treatment can begin for the HIV-positive mothers and a giant step will be taken to eliminate pediatric AIDS in the world.

So, here’s the deal.  It costs $19 for a HIV test to be given to one woman.  You will spend more than that on a dozen roses and a card.  Those roses are going to die and the card might get thrown away or shoved in a drawer somewhere.  But, donating $19 to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics AIDS Foundation will allow one woman the chance to learn her status and save her child from being born HIV positive.

Make a donation in honor of your mom or another special woman in your life.  Just $19 will help another mom protect her children.  You will even be able to pick from one of three special e-cards that can be personalized to send to the special woman in your life that you are honoring this Mother’s Day.


This Mother’s Day, show your own mom how much she means to you by making a life-saving donation in her honor and send your thanks to her with a choice of three different e-cards from the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Elizabeth Glaser Pedicatric AIDS Foundation

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